Drones Save Lives

Every day the use of Drones expands, those small Unmanned aerial devices and its use goes from using them for fun to make impressive Photographs and videos, also to deliver goods of all types, from Pizzas and Hamburgers, to a huge variety of products or medical supplies.

This year many people have saved their lives thanks to this new marvel of technology, according to DJI, which is today one of the most important manufacturers of these products, 53 people saved their lives, but they are  taking into account only three countries, USA. China and Canada, as if the rest of the world does not exist, and not only does, it is also full of Drones, All Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, according to the news I hear every day and all the isolated reports that exist on the Internet, four or five times more people have saved their lives  than what DJI Reported, The Drones have also been used to save animals too, they have served to reforest large areas, fumigate insecticides and release fertilizer, they are also used to distribute mosquitoes and flies that have been previously sterilized and in that way it is possible to exercise control over pests and some diseases, they are used to make studies with reports of thermal infrared photography, also the fire and police departments in several countries and many cities are using them because  have realized all the advantages they can get doing it, Now almost every TV. Report is produced using Drones.

In some cases the Drones have also been used illegally, there are reports of drones that have been used to bring drugs and cell phones to prisoners in a Jail, or to transport drugs across the United States border with Mexico, In England the pilot  of a drone was arrested  when was spying in private homes; Really when something good and useful is happening  in life, there is always somebody who finds the way to use it in a criminal form , there is not to much that can be done, because unfortunately that is the idiosyncrasy of human being.

Agriculture and Reforestation Drones

Drones Specialized in Agriculture and Reforestation

Planting trees is a great idea, it is very important to replace all those that have been cut and all those who have disappeared victims of climate change or as a result of forest fires.

Until now trees are being planted to reforest the affected areas of the planet but it is really a difficult task, very expensive and terribly tedious, in most cases is also very dangerous, now with the arrival of Drones this work is being completely transformed, a Drone created especially for this work is able to sow approximately 36,000 to 40,000 seeds a day, comparing it with a team of people to plant by hand can do approximately 3,000 seeds a day, it is an exhausting job and very high risk because of the inaccessibility of some terribly scabrous areas.

These drones are equipped with a system that shoots the seeds through a small cannon more like a compressed air rifle, flying at heights between 2 and 6 meters shoot the seeds, which are encapsulated in a gel cylinder with nutrients that help the tree grow when the seed begins to germinate, those cylinders are embedded in the soil as the drone goes flying and firing one per second.

The Drones can fly approximately for 30 minutes, it is enough to change the battery to keep them flying again and are able to cover an Acre in 1.5 hours, the seed capsules work approximately like the paint capsules but because of the way they are made they can enter at least 3 At 4 inches dipper in ground, they usually contain also an herbicide to control weeds and a toxic element for pests, thus preventing the tree from being attacked when it is very small.

There is no doubt that it is necessary to replant trees in a profitable way because each year more than 6 million acres of trees are lost in the forests of the world, we hope that this new technology will produce the expected result, so far it has been developing very well and with what is being learned now the future is seen coming better for the planet.