Development Drones Technology

Personal Drones

How they were developed

When we see a small flying object, we think “it’s a Drone”, almost everyone has seen and knows them, some people have already used them, others have seen them flying or have seen videos and photos.

Actually Drones have been around for a long time, I remember that many years ago we built model airplanes guided by cables and then we started to build some models remote controlled by radio, we used gas engines at that time and did not really flight to far, but they flew extraordinarily well and were very funny, I remember that at that time the electronics had not evolved with miniaturization yet and we were using a series of bulbs resistors and capacitors as well as very voluminous electronics, then came the transistors, the logic gates and the diodes, the integrated circuits and all the elements were reduced with the new technology of miniaturization, before that we needed a box of 30 centimeters for the transmitter, now the same thing fits almost in a small box of phosphors, now we also have satellites, with GPS and higher frequencies and thanks to all that new technology we can now fly and control a Drone or unmanned aerial vehicle at distances as far as 7 to 8 Kilometers, and in some cases much more than that.

The first drones that arrived were those created for military purposes, they helped to the development of Drones Technology, now they have begun to be build them for Civil and Personal use, the new commercial drones are working in a number of different activities such as surveillance of Power Lines, Photogrammetry, Prevention and control of fires, Photography and Video, saving people in distress, Transport of medicines, Location of people in cases of disaster using infrared cameras, Cattle Control, Agriculture, Mining, etc.

Actually they are a lot cheaper than using a helicopter for an infinite number of uses that is creating an enormous growth in the sales and service of these vehicles generating at the same time a great challenge for the Governments to be able to create Laws and Regulations to help control these new activities properly.

Dji Phantom 4

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